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Welcome to what used to be our modular layout.

The Layout and FAQ pages
Written for the first time visitor to our modular layout.

For some time, the club has been planning to start construction on a permanent layout.  Over the past months, many members have been working tirelessly on the many aspects of starting such a major undertaking. Finally in January 2003, construction is finally scheduled to start on the club's permanent layout. Over the past 7 years, a modular layout has served as the club's operating layout. Below and on additional pages, are photos of what used to be the club's layout. .

Front Side Back Side

Photos of the 1999 layout set-up looking from just inside the front door. The horseshoe pattern allowed for easy operation and viewing by the public during our many open houses.  Many changes and improvements have happened since these photos were taken. One of them is the completion of the Derby Corner (foreground right photo). Others include backboards (see photo below), wiring upgrades, and completion of other modules.

For 2002 we completely reconfigured the layout of the modules to reflect more closely how operations will be when we start running on our permanent layout.  This resulted in a complete rethinking of our operating scheme.

For visitors, this meant that all the main yards are now right out in front instead of stashed back out of the way also allows the operators easier contact with the public.

A tour of our layout with individual photos of our modules.
Photos taken just prior to tear down for the 2002 Railroad Show.

Module Construction Specifications
A web version of our Module Construction Specifications Booklet.

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