White City Block
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WesCar Module
Wescar Repair and Wrecking WesCar Rebuilding and Wrecking is owned by Larry Tuttle.  A busy industry as 4 - 7 cars are switched out every op session.  WesCar is comprised of a car repair facility, a dismantling area and a wrecking area for scrap.  An engine pocket provides a place for the company's 44 ton switcher to call home.  Although, normal switching duties are handled by the White City switcher, the company's switcher can help when needed.
White City Modules
Rogue Valley Polymers - White City Rogue Valley Polymers was constructed by Brad Fawcett.  Another Walthers kit that was modified to fit the industry.  Rogue Valley Polymers receives 1 - 2 tank cars as well as 2 - 3 covered hoppers per op session. 
Another view of Roge Valley Polymers Another view of Rogue Valley Polymers
White City Warehouse District The White City warehouse district is serviced by a single spur track.  Both refrigerator cars and box cars are delivered.  The warehouse building is totally scratch built.  White City is made up of 2 - 6 foot modules.
 Ramp (right) and Valley Distributing & Transfer (blue & white building) are both serviced by the team track.  Valley Distributing & Transfer is kit bashed from several Pikestuff kits. 

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