Pelican Yard
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Pelican Yard
Corner Module
Mt. Pitt Tunnels The Pacific & Eastern's heavy repair facility.  Also home to the executive touring car, "The Medford", a converted old time observation car.  One of the rotary snowplows and a water car are in for some repairs. The repair facility is a modified and detailed Walther kit.
Tunnel Module Cars sit ready for pick-up by the West Hauler.  . 
Pelican Yard
West end of Mt. Pitt The major terminus for the Pacific and Eastern, Pelican Yard handles almost all of the inbound and outbound switching to and from BN & SP as well as holding cars for all of the "locals" and "haulers".  Tracks 1 through 3 (left to right) are the 3 mainlines.  Track 4 is the departure track  Track 5 holds the cars for White City, track 6 cars are for Butte Falls, and track 7 is the cars for Mt. Pitt.  Tracks 8 & 9 are the other end of the West Hauler.  Usually the West Hauler would pick up his train at the other end (on the corner). 

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