Mt. Pitt Block
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Tunnels Module
Mt. Pitt Tunnels Pacific & Eastern's East Hauler rumbles out of the East tunnel's East portal on the double tunnels module that are just to the West of Mt. Pitt. 
Tunnel Module Running on Track 1, this AMTRACK train is headed west from tunnel 1 towards tunnel 2.  . 
Mt. Pitt Modules
West end of Mt. Pitt Mt. Pitt is owned and built by Larry Tuttle.  Mt. Pitt's 2 - 6 foot modules are the only 2 level modules in the club.  The lower level has a Trolley loop that runs on Open House Sundays, and at either end of the lower level are locations to spot cars.  Located at the West end of Mt. Pitt, Cascade Electric receives 2 coal cars per op session.  Just below the receiving area is the ash collection point where a single open top hopper waits to be filled. 
Mt. Pitt A better look at the lower level of Mt. Pitt shows the Trolley track loop and the boarding area.  On the upper level the passenger station and platforms await the arrival of the next passenger train.  Cascade Electric's building is just visible in the upper right corner of the photo. . 
Mt. Pitt A different look at the passenger station and Cascade Electric.  Note the tunnel portal in the upper right.  Not show at this time are team track, the lumber facility on the upper level, a chip collection point and an electrical parts supplier on the lower level.  Hope to get photos of these in the near future.

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