Keno Block
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Keno Modules
Keno Keno Block is another pair of 5 foot modules, but includes a 2 foot center section to make a full 12 feet.  Keno is owned by Bud Shirley.  Construction was started several years ago, but 2002 was the first year that it was put into operation.  Switching was handled by both the East and West Haulers.  Just to the left of the photo is the cement batch plant which receive 4 cement hoppers per op session.  The bag plant (blue & white building) had 2 box cars per session.  The finish lumber plant (upper right) received 4 - 5 box cars and 2 chip cars.  Also not shown was another industry that received a single box car on an irregular basis. 
2 Foot Lift Bridge
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To allow easy access to the inside area of the horseshoe set-up, a 2 foot lift bridge is used. 

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