Derby Block
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Derby Corner 
Derby Corner Overview An overview of the Derby Corner modules complex.  Derby was constructed by David Spakousky.  Derby is actually 4 modules consisting of a 4 foot wedge shaped straight, followed by a pair of corner sections, and ending with a 6 foot straight module.  The siding at Derby is the longest on the system. 
West approach to Derby  West approach to Derby is the 4 foot section of the modules.  Crossing signals and warning lights are planned for the street crossing which is blind back up the curve.  Note the gravel road to the right. 
The town of Derby A view of the town at Derby.  A gas station and several stores serve the area..
Derby Another view of the town.  Note the curved switches that allow crossover halfway through Derby.
Highway Bridge A highway bridge over the tracks makes for an unusual approach into town. 
Derby East Approach The East approach into Derby.  . 
East end of River Corner Looking East from Derby towards Butte Falls. 

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