Davis Block
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 The Pacific & Eastern Shops, the Truck Terminal (2 modules), and the River Corner make up the Davis Block.
Pacific & Eastern
Shops Module
Pacific and Eastern Shops The shops is a 4 foot module with a single spur track.  The block dividing line between Davis and Crater Yard is the road crossing in the middle of the module.  The shops building was custom built by Jay Mudge.  The single spur handles up to 2 cars with one inside the building.
Truck Terminal 
Truck Terminal - Republic Industries The Truck Terminal Modules are owned by Jay Mudge.  A 4 foot module and a 6 foot module combine to make up the industry.  Many of the buildings on the modules have been custom built.  Republic Industries is the freight terminal pictured here.  It's many sections combine to make one of the largest facilities on the layout.  2 tracks provide inside loading/unloading for up to 4 50 or 60 foot boxcars. 
Truck Terminal - Parking Lot A view of the East end of the parking area plus the road crossing.  The crossbucks actually work when a train comes through any of the 4 tracks (3 main plus siding) located there. An engine spur allows for a company owned switcher, although this industry is switched by the P & E road switcher assigned to this area.
Cold Storage Facility A nice warm coat is needed here.  The Cold Storage facility started as a Walthers kit, but add on all sorts of detail parts and you come up with Rogue Produce.  A single spur track accommodates up to 2 refrigerator cars at a time.
A wider view of the Cold Storage facility and the River Corner to the left. 
River Corner 
River Corner The River Corner is owned and constructed by Dave Spakousky.  If you look closely you might just catch a couple of people trying to see if there are any fish in the river. 
East end of River Corner Another look at the River Corner and also the division between Davis Block and Agate Block to the East. (Note the block indication card in the lower part of the photo.)

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