Butte Falls Block
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Butte Falls Modules
Butte Falls All of the modules used in the system are 4, 6 or 8 feet, with the exception of Keno and Butte Falls which is 2 five foot modules.  Butte Falls is serviced by a local switcher that is based out of Pelican Yard.   Dave Spakousky also built these modules. 
West end of Butte Falls The West end of Butte Falls industry receives 4 boxcars, 1 - 2 chip hoppers, and 1 - 2 flat cars per op session.  . 
A closer view of the river  The East end industry of Butte Falls has 2 box cars and 1 - 2 chip hoppers switched each op session.  Note the interesting track layout just to the right of the station. 
Butte Fallls Yard A close-up of the Butte Falls 3 track yard.  Empty now, but well used during op sessions.  With the number of trains going through Butte Falls, the local switch has his hands full keeping the main clear.  . 
Butte Falls Annex
Butte Falls Annex A 6 foot module that is actually part of a pair.  The spur track just to the right of the little pond is a passing siding when both modules are used.

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