Agate Block
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Agate Block Eastward Looking Eastward from the Quarry Corner towards Table Rock Block. 
Quarry Corner 
Gravel Pit Although this corner module has had many changes, the latest is by far the best.  Hopefully with construction on the permanent layout underway, someone will take a little time off and put a little more work on this module.
Gravel Pit A single spur track handles up to 5 ore/gravel cars to be filled by the overhead hopper that is a converted old hopper car itself.  2 to 3 cars of rock are pulled from Agate Aggregates per operating session. 
Farmer's Co-Op 
Farmer's Co-Op One of the original modules of the club.  This 3 industry area really requires some thought to what is going to be done next.  The end of the spur track is just long enough for a covered hopper and a single 4 axle road engine to fit.  Sorry, SD-9's don't make it.  If you have to pull the last car (far left), you'll be making many trips in and out. 
Propane & Steel 
Propane Farm and Steel Plant Another one of the club's older modules.  This 3 spur track industry module handles up to 2 propane cars for Ferrell Gas and numerous steel filled cars both covered gondolas and boxcars for Dixon Steel.  All 3 of the switches on this module were done my hand.

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