21st Annual  Railroad Show
November 28 & 29, 1998
Medford, Oregon

Sponsored by the Morse Telegraph Club, the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club, the Southern Oregon Live Steamers, the Southwest Oregon Large Scale Trains and the Southern Oregon Chapter -- National Railway Historical Society.

Approximately 3,200 rail buffs from around the Northwest attended.

Twenty displays of various types filled the 12,000 main floor and twenty eight vendors offered items for sale up on the Balconies.

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Overall view of the Medford Armory.  The White City N Scale Club layout is in the foreground; the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club is in the middle; a few of the swap tables are in the distance on the upper level.

More of the displays and vendors: ( #1 ), ( #2 ), ( #3 )

Jim Armstrong (blue shirt and a tie) talks to folks about grade crossing safety at his Operation Lifesaver display.  Jim is a Central Oregon and Pacific engineer working out of Medford. 

More about Jim and OLI (click here).

Always a crowd pleaser, the Lionel layout features plenty of fast moving action and elevated walkways for the little ones.
The Ferndale (California) Model Railroad is loaded with people, trees, details, dozens of mini-scenes and a whole bunch of clever visual puns.  This nifty portable layout takes creativity in modeling to new heights.
The Southern Oregon Live Steamers had several of their 1/8th scale locomotives on display including this diesel.  And, they thoughtfully provided a ground level attraction for the younger kids to play on.

A view from above (note control panel for running engine).

An example of the precision and craftsmanship that goes into these trains is this steam locomotive under construction.  This model (1.5" = 1') will burn fuel, boil water, pipe steam through valves and into cylinders to power the drivers shown here.  It will be capable of pulling several cars with dozens of full sized riders on 7.5" gauge track.
Another example of outstanding craftsmanship is provided by this Josephine County Model Railroad Club diorama.  This narrow gauge display is in HO scale and features the sights and sounds of a welder working inside this engine house.  The flash from the welder can be seen through the door.
The Southwest Oregon Large Scale Trains club display their G scale modular layout to the delight of the two young girls in the foreground. 

An overview of the S.O.L.S.T. display

A rather clever module on the G scale layout is this mountain with track switching its way back and forth up to the top.  That handcar spent the day running up and down and up and down.

Here's another view of the mounain section.

E. Don Petit rerails a problem on the Rogue Valley Model Railroad Clubs large HO modular display.  Beyond Don is the "Coach Yard" where several trains can be stored to be dispatched over the three main line tracks. 

2 more views of the modules: ( #1 ) , ( #2 )

Art McKee chats with an rail fan as he supervises the operation of the O Scale exhibit. 
This N Scale modular layout is presented by the N scale group from White City.  An amazing amount of detail can be worked into these 1:160 scale models.  And the long trains and scenic expanse make for some very attractive displays.
Not all of the trains were run by members of the various clubs displaying their layouts.  This one in HO scale was set up specifically for kids of all ages to try their hands at being engineers. 

A new engineer tries his hand at the throttle with some help.

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This consist was assembled on January 10, 1999
Additional equipment added July 20, 1999
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